Dental fillings are treatments used to restore the function and integrity of a tooth after it has been damaged by a cavity or other external trauma.

To treat a cavity the dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth and the hole that was created is filled in with filling material. Fillings are either white (composite) or silver (amalgam) and patients always have a choice on which type of filling they prefer.

The dentist may offer recommendations as to the best filling type for each situation. Fillings may also be placed to repair a crack or a missing portion of tooth.

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Nitrous Oxide

At Brightside Dental Studio we have nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, available as a mild sedative to use during your dental appointments. Nitrous oxide is frequently used to ease mild to moderate anxiety and can help to reduce pain. It is delivered using a small mask (hood) that fits over the nose and it is administered for the whole procedure to provide a calming effect.

At the end of the procedure, oxygen is administered to reverse the effects. Laughing gas is commonly used for younger patients, but is also available for use by anyone who requests it.

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